Facing Truth ~ Embracing Change ($75 deposit)


Many times we start the process of change in order to survive what is happening in our lives. When we can no longer live in the old way or we simply want something new to replace what no longer works, then we are ready to face the truth.  This may require us to make peace with the past as well as eliminate outworn habits and patterns of behavior.  Only when we are free from old burdens, can we take advantage of the possibilities that exist in the present moment.  Facing the truth is the beginning of  this process.

Participants will explore the multi-dimensionality of the human being and identify the obstacles to creating the life you most want to live.  The Breath and experiential   exercises will be used as a vehicle to connect the conscious and unconscious minds to your current reality. You will identify  blocks that keep you from fulfilling your deepest potential and learn skills to help you create the life your heart desires.  This workshop is designed around a framework that allows each person to work at their own individual  level and pace.

Workshop Site: The Serenity Center and CommUNITY Space

2040 Winter Springs Blvd                    Oviedo, FL 32765



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